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Happy St Patrick's Day!


We just added a St Patrick's Day themed SkyWars map to celebrate! :)

SkyBlock Reset!


It's been a while since Survival & Creative reset back last summer, and SkyBlock has been falling behind. Today that's changed!

We've just reset all islands on SkyBlock and changed to a new much more stable plugin than the previous one, which adds loads of new features! The challenges have been completely re-done, islands are now bigger than they were (125 wide), you can pick between 3 starting islands (a basic one, a coop one and an expert one) & all islands come with your own nether island - with your own loot!

So we hope you enjoy the new SkyBlock! Enderchests & virtual chests have not reset, so for regular players that saw that the reset was coming, you still have all your stuff! If you didn't see this, then have a go starting from scratch! Good luck! :D

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Helper Rank!


Due to recent server growth we've decided to add a new 'Helper' rank!

Players with this rank are selected from our existing helpers, so not all helpers have it. If you'd like more info on how the helper rank works, take a look at the video below.

Helpers with this rank have abilities allowing them to moderate the server, as well as help out in general. If you have questions, send us an email at the address linked in the video description!

New & Improved Boat Race!


So a few months back when Creative and Survival reset, the boat race track & 'king of the hill' areas on Hub were lost.

We've just added these back! The first part of the race track is complete, and it's way more EPIC! We also added a 'king of the ladder' area in the middle of Hub! :D

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Soon You'll Be Able To Join From Windows 10/Pocket Edition!


It looks like at some point Minecraft PC edition is going to have the same features as Windows 10/Pocket Edition, so you'll be able to join servers from either version!

Full info in the video! :D