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Pandora Gaming is a gaming community founded in July 2013 by Purple Ninja based around the game Minecraft. It was created to provide a high-quality child-friendly environment where its users can play without the worry of abusive players; which can often happen on very large gaming servers. Through automated profanity filters, we don't need to worry about things being monitored correctly; abusive players are blocked before they get the chance.

Our main attraction is our Minecraft server. We network several physical servers together to allow players to connect to our network, and then play various in-game game-modes depending on their own personal preference. For example, a player might want to play on our 'Parkour' server, which is a Minecraft version of real-life parkour, where users have to jump between obstacles and complete a route in the shortest time possible. We have numerous game-modes all on the same Minecraft server, so players can switch between them at any time without ever logging out. Our automated profanity filters apply across all of these game-modes.

Some PvP (description here) game-modes have moral elements which you might want to have a look at before allowing your children to play them. But the game Minecraft itself has no graphic content that may be inappropriate to minors. We're constantly updating all game-modes to prevent players doing anything inappropriate. The server is suitable for children as young as 7 or 8, as anything inappropriate is simply blocked.

As Minecraft is an 'online' game, it requires physical servers to operate; which require money to host. So on our Pandora Gaming website, users have the option to purchase in-game perks. When purchasing these, users get extra items and abilities in-game to make game-play easier and more enjoyable. If this isn't clear, a good analogy is that if you buy a car, things like insurance have to be paid annually to maintain the system in general. The insurance being the in-game perks in this case, and normal users without paid in-game perks would be your cyclists. They use the same roads, but they don't pay insurance! All money from these purchases goes towards the hosting of our servers, and continued improvement of all Purple Ninja websites.

Hopefully the above information gives you some clarification as to what Pandora Gaming is, and does. Just to reiterate, Pandora Gaming is operated by Purple Ninja; it's not a separate website we 'help out'. All of their systems are managed by us.