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Currently we have 2 different types of ranks, Default and Premium. Click here for info on our Premium (donator) ranks:

Default Rank


Players get the default rank on first joining the server, which has these commands & abilities!


5 PCoins per minute


/friend, /settings & /poll

/tpa, /tpaccept, /tpdeny

/tell & /reply

/ignore, /unignore and /ignores

/afk , /rules & /seen

/lag, /ping & /uptime (useful utilities)

/claimreward (get all of your unclaimed voting rewards)

/vote, /buy, /staff & /colour

Right-click steps to sit on them

Use all server shops


Clear inventory (/ci)

1 plot (/plot to see all available commands)

Change gamemode (/gms and /gmc)

Reveal invisible nearby players (/showall)

Compass Teleportation (left-click or right-click with a compass)


Auctions items (/auc)

1 home (/sethome to use)

Use public farm & mine at spawn


Auctions items (/auc)

Chance of picking up player and mob heads

1 island (/island)

Convert obsidian to lava by right-clicking it with a bucket