This page has some information on how staff works on our server.

In general, we have 2 staff ranks - Junior Helpers & Senior Helpers. Junior Helpers don't have an in-game rank, so are able to keep an eye on things in-game and report issues to Senior Helpers - who do have a rank, and have abilities to mute & ban players if needed.

To learn how to apply for staff, please watch the video linked below in full (we'll know if you haven't!).

A big difference between the way our staff system works and most other servers is that we don't give access for a single Senior Helper to mute or ban a player. Instead, Senior Helpers can request a mute or ban, and another can confirm it. This near eliminates false mutes & bans, as all punishments have had two individual people decide that they're valid.

The owner of the server, who has the [Owner] prefix in-game; and our current Senior Helpers, who have the [Helper] prefix in-game, are listed below.

Feel free to contact any of these people in-game if you have questions, suggestions or concerns - they're all pretty friendly, unless you do something bad!


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First joined Aug 31st, 2013

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Senior Helpers

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Last seen 3 days ago on creative.

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